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School Trips

School has started and the last thing your kids want to do is work; it can often take time to get them adjusted back into a school routine and you may have to settle them in slowly. And what better way than to welcome them back with a school trip? They will be grateful to you for not bombarding them with masses of work right away and giving them something to look forward to, so you may also be well on the way to becoming their new favourite teacher.

You can tie in a school trip with what subject you are teaching – below are a few places that they will love, and you can implement into your lesson planning:

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Accessible to Everyone: Our new Wheelchair Accessible Coaches

For a while we have been undertaking an extensive search to find the right coaches to join our company’s fleet. We boast an impressive fleet of coaches with a wide variety of designs and functions including double decker buses, executive coaches and luxury coaches. We are proud to announce that the search is over and we have now taken delivery of two wheelchair accessible coaches.
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Luxury Coach Hire for All To Enjoy

Travelling by coach is a mode of transport that is often overlooked; but if you have ever travelled with Tyrers Coaches then you won‘t have experienced the luxury, the ease and the comfort of traveling which we provide. To give you an insight into why so many people, organisations and businesses are taking advantages our luxury coach hire in Bolton we’ve devised this helpful guide – giving you an overview of why and who have hired our coaches.

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