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Get Your Guests to Your Wedding – The Easy Way

When it comes to your special day most people envisage it with their family and friends all accounted for and on time at their wedding. However the reality is that there are often huge complications on the morning of the wedding, whether it is people running late, fighting over being the designated driver or a vehicle breakdown. Before you start having a pre wedding breakdown take a few breaths and relax. Here at Tyrers Coaches we can provide the perfect solution.

We have a range of vehicles that you can hire to pick up all of your guests and transport them to your venue on time and with no major hiccups. This is great if you have chosen a location a bit further afield and may be difficult for your guests to get there. Here are just a few fantastic reasons why hiring a driver and a number of vehicles to transport your guests is great idea:

• As none of your guests will have to drive, it bypasses the usual argument between couples of who will be the designated driver. Everyone can relax and have a drink or two, safe in the knowledge that they have a safe way of getting home.

• It is often the case at weddings that someone is late, however with our coach service we can plan to leave well before the service starts to anticipate for any delays, traffic or emergencies. This way all of your guests will arrive together so you don’t have to wait around for any late comers.

• If you have chosen a venue that does not have much available parking it is much easier for everyone to arrive in one or two vehicles. This means that your guests don’t need to find parking too far away and then walk the journey back to the venue, especially if the weather is bad.

• If the venue is a bit further away or in a location not well known to your guests, you may run the risk of them getting lost on the way. Our drivers are well prepared so you can be sure they know exactly where they are going.

So if want to ensure your guests arrive to your wedding on time in the easiest way possible, make sure we here at Tyrers Coaches are your first port of call. We have a range of vehicles from minibuses, luxury coaches and executive coaches, all in exceptional condition for your comfort. For more information call us on 01257 480 979 where our friendly staff will be happy to help.