Here’s the 3rd and final installation of our Ultimate Survival Guide!

Tyrers Coaches have been providing transport for schools for over 40 years and transport over 4000 students daily. Our main concern is the safety of students and we pride ourselves on the reputation of trust we have built over the years, but there some things that are beyond our capabilities to control.

That’s why we have put together this series of free informative survival guides that will help parents keep their children as safe and as healthy as possible.

You saw our previous guide on Diet and Health (if you didn’t you can find it here) and we hope you found the information we provided useful. We’re now offering an informative guide on maintaining Focus and Making friends. This guide covers how to help your children listen & concentrate and how to join in activities & make friends whilst doing so. All our information is from credible sources and is really useful information for both in the classroom and at home.

How to use

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