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School Trips with Tyrers

School has started and the last thing your kids want to do is work; it can often take time to get them adjusted back into a school routine and you may have to settle them in slowly. And what better way than to welcome them back with a school trip? They will be grateful to you for not bombarding them with masses of work right away and giving them something to look forward to, so you may also be well on the way to becoming their new favourite teacher.

You can tie in a school trip with what subject you are teaching – below are a few places that they will love, and you can implement into your lesson planning:


The Think Tank in Birmingham is the perfect way to involve your kids in the field of science. Their inquisitive minds will be in awe of the many displays and gallery’s available, and there is even a planetarium complete with a giant screen cinema.


There are a number of places you could take your class to for history such as the Black Country Museum. Here they can learn the creation of the world’s first industrial landscape and experience it first-hand.

English and Drama

The West End London Theatre is a great attraction for people all over the UK and is something that not only your class will enjoy, but so will you. This could be a great follow up to some classroom work, as well as being a nice end to a school project.


If you are looking for a fun filled adventure as well as plenty of space for outdoor learning, the Lake District is the perfect location. With plenty of workshops to choose from and activities to do there is a lot of learning to be done here.

Now that you know of a few locations available to take your class you need to know how you are all going to get there. Here at Tyrers Coaches we offer our high end services to ensure you get there and back in plenty of time with our luxury coaches.

Our drivers are reliable and fully CRB checked so you can be sure that you are in safe hands. For more information call us today on 01257 480 979 to speak to a friendly member of our team.